Chicago Mini Golf – Key Factors To Consider

Technical criteria For the work required in normal conditions for the development of a Mini Golf Facility Preliminary Remarks: if professional skilled workers are not available for the individual jobs, it is necessary to place an order with trained skilled workers for the purposes of impeccable quality work obligation. The sequential order listed below applies to the timetable based on prior preparedness determined for the work processes. The regulations for the development of miniature golf facilities (game rules and special provisions) of the World Minigolfsport Federation must be strictly obeyed. In theory it applies to all conditions related to fairway marking. Get the facts about Chicago Mini Golf.

Preliminary Work: Marking out the preparation’s details and heights. Record of a set level of height that should be used as a guide during the research. Conduct a Soil Analysis.

Earthwork: Grading the slope under special conditions, like collecting and extracting material. Excavation of the broken stone and foundation strip layer, cable excavation of the ditches, draining of water lines.

Project Work: illumination, ventilation, drainage, internet, (4-6 hydrants usually sufficient).

Construction of fairways: compaction of the broken stone base, rearing and compaction of the drainage surface, formation of fairways according to the path of construction.

Locksmith Work: Rimming building (fairway enclosures), lecterns and ashtrays, flags, net fairway holders 7, fairway 18 for basketball.

Decoration Work: Priming and decoration of all clear iron and timber parts, letters on signs.

Erection kiosk: attention should be paid to the details listed above.

Steps, Walks. Terraces: compaction of broken stone base, substructure building, (foundations) and safeguards. Best achieved in one work process after the fairways are built.

Build a Fence: Usually 1.0 to 1.5 m high wire fencing.

Gardening job: loosening lowering, composting and surface improvement, final grading, fringing and planting feature, accessories: tables, auxiliary furniture, sports equipment, and tools / equipment for care and maintenance.

The required work can probably differ depending on the local circumstances. The design directions listed below are as detailed as possible for the unchanging shapes and proportions of the fairways and provide for their exact construction along with the plans provided. Improvements will always be possible to improve efficiency, in keeping with the ever-advancing development of construction materials.