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Young Adult Fiction Books- Review

Some novels merely amuse and others in the story line and characters provide a powerful message. Mitch Davies in his debut novel A Wind In Montana tells a story of teenagers coming of age and how they take responsibility for their lives.

A Wind In Montana is a convincing story of two adolescents at the same high, Rory Coleman and Victoria Beach, who try to make the right decision for themselves. As each of them reaches maturity, they become more concerned about the future and set goals that will bring happiness and fulfilment to them. You can get additional information about young adult fiction books

Since his parents are not involved, Rory will plan his own path. He wants to follow a career in science, applies for a grant in chemistry and is willing to do whatever he can to do it. Along the road, Rory discovers that although he has a mission, there are challenges that might prevent him from achieving his goals.

Victoria’s problems vary from those of Rory. Her father is very concerned with the life plans of Victoria, and has agreed to become a professional musician. Her band instructor confirms-Victoria is creative, and should get the most out of it. Nevertheless, Victoria has other ambitions for her future, and when she switches her focus away from music to other topics her father and teacher team up to force her to do the wrong thing.

Together, despite the opposition and challenges in their way, Rory and Victoria attempt to follow their dreams. A Wind In Montana provides a message for all youth on moving into adulthood-that frustration and failures can arise no matter how committed they are and they need to build skills along the way that will help them deal successfully with them.

There are so many major decisions that teenagers face today-social, age, friends, other influential adults and school work-and there is no assurance that their efforts can thrive, even if they make the so-called’ correct’ decisions. A Wind In Montana examines how two teens dealt with their own personal actions, and how their futures became influenced by the choices they made.

The problems Rory and Victoria have to contend with are the same as those surrounding teens today. Our challenges are distinct from those they had to experience with our parents and no matter how hard parents try to push in one way, they have to learn to let go, freeing them to make their own mistakes-or achievements.